This is my new personal/professional web site which will gradually replace the homepage I've had for many years in the College of Computer & Information Science at Northeastern University, in Boston, MA. I was an Associate Professor in the College until I retired in June, 2011.

My research: Since I retired I have developing developing a large collection of tools and resources focused on natural language processing - a suite of programs written in the Java programmin language. The goal is to discover and catalog the knowledge content of articles in the biomedical literature. The initial focus is on experimental biology, "bench biology" using thousands of articles from the open-access journals of Biomed Central. The knowledge so collected can form a basis for knowledge retrieval systems, as contrasted with retrieval systems such as Google and Bing in which queries are entered as collections of words. Knowledge-based systems go beyond word-based systems. Building such systems requires a large collection of organized knowledge gleaned from papers.

As an example, the concept of cell growth is richer and more complex than the words "cell growth".

Here are some primary links:

In addition I established the site here more than ten years ago. The major resource of the site is its very active mailing list, with over 700 users currently subscribed. It has been moved to same web service provider that hosts my new site, Arvixe.